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Welcome to My Happyness. My Happyness is a place where you can learn, explore and share your happiness with others. We are building a community and would love for you to be part of our big vision to create and spread happiness to as many people around the world as we can. It is a place where you can: share your Daily Happyness Moment with others; share your My Happyness story; subscribe to our newsletter and The School of Happyness. You can also purchase beautiful gifts for all the wonderful people in your life from the My Happyness Shop knowing that each time you do you are helping others and the environment. Help us build the My Happyness community and spread the happiness by sharing us on Facebook, Twitter and with all your friends.

For a a special occasion or simply just because, our Life's Little Gems will create memories your loved ones will treasure forever.

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We are a young, innovative, socially and environmentally responsible company who’s vision is to connect people.

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Happiness is something we are not taught at school or at home. Find out today how to have lasting happiness in your life.

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What is your happyness moment today?

My Happyness is a movement about taking the time even for a second to appreciate the little things in our lives that we may often take for granted. Share with the world what makes you happy right now.

Simply click here every day and add something that makes you happy. It may be 3 words or 30 words, it's up to you. Why not upload an image of your daily moment of happyness to share with others - a moment in time that is captured forever.

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How would you love to make a world of difference this year when you give presents? What if you could give a treasured and inspirational gift to loved ...


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The Magic Of The Morning There is something magical about getting up early on a Sunday when many others are still asleep and watching the day begin.Es...


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Today I decided to go for  hike and climb Mt Cougal. Mt Cougal is made up of two peaks, East Peak and West Peak which rise 694 metres above sea level...


Visions Plant A Tree Every time you purchase one of our greeting cards, giftbooks or gift packs you are helping the environment and alleviate poverty. Learn more.
Keepsakes Keepsakes is a movement who's vision is to make us aware of how we consume - to understand the 'life story' of an object, not just its 'life cycle'. Learn more.
Giving Giving There is something truly miraculous that happens when we give, whether it be giving someone a thought, a moment to listen to them, giving thanks or giving back. Learn more
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"Happiness is moment to moment, it is always now" - David Cuschieri

My Happyness is a movement about taking the time even for a second to appreciate the little things in our lives that we may take for granted.